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Electric Screen Simulator Joke


This free game electric screen needs your finger to make you feel its awesome lightning effect. Touch the screen and enjoy the amaizing and realistic electric beam that appears on your device. The electric sound it incorporates will create a complete entertainment environment. Joke with your friends and kids with this application. Use it to pull a prank or as an annoying instrument. Your family and friends will envy you for having such an awesome electric lightning simulator application.How to use itEnjoy from the very first time the available blue lightning effect. Just select the electric effect and touch the screen. Move your finger and feel the power of generating a simulated electric current. The other lightning colors and the flashing light are locked. The player must unlock them by collecting coins in the mini game or the virtual shop. Playing and "shopping" are the options to create a super bank of fun out of this app. The mini game has more than 500 levels!!! and can produce limitless fun!
Features- 4 different colorful lightning effects: blue, red, yellow and green.- Awesome electric sound.- Strobe flashing light.- Amazing mini game included to get fun and coins at the same time.- Virtual shop as part of the game to obtain more coins: watch videos or share in any social network included: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
Cause of being that realistic, it will keep kids and friends away from your phone or tablet, all of them might become scared of getting close to your phone or tablet. Be creative in the way you use it.
Disclaimer: The flashing light is only available on mobile devices with a flash light incorporated. Remember that the electric screen part of this free app is just a joke, no electric currents are generated when launching or using the app.